Capstone Project — The Battle of Neighborhoods

Kunal Bhapkar
5 min readAug 27, 2020


The reason of this Capstone Extend is to assist individuals in investigating superior facilities around their neighborhood. It’ll offer assistance individuals making shrewd and effective choice on selecting incredible neighborhood out of numbers of other neighborhoods in Scarborough, Toronto.

Lots of individuals are relocating to different states of Canada and required parts of investigate for great lodging costs and reputed schools for their children. This project is for those individuals who are seeking out for superior neighborhoods. For ease of getting to to Cafe, School, Super market, medical shops, basic need shops, shopping center, theater, healing center, like disapproved individuals, etc.

This Capstone Venture point to form an investigation of highlights for a individuals moving to Scarborough to look a best neighborhood as a comparative examination between neighborhoods.The highlights incorporate middle lodging cost and superior school agreeing to evaluations, wrongdoing rates of that specific zone, street network, climate conditions, great administration for crisis, water assets both fresh and squander water and excrement passed on in sewers and recreational facilities.

It will offer assistance individuals to urge mindfulness of the region and neighborhood some time recently moving to a unused city, state, nation or put for their work or to begin a modern new life.

Data Source and Problems

Foursquare API Data:

We will require information around distinctive scenes in numerous neighborhoods of that specific borough. In arrange to pick up that data we’ll utilize “Foursquare” local data. Foursquare may be a area information supplier with data approximately all way of scenes and occasions inside an region of intrigued. Such data incorporates setting names, areas, menus and indeed photographs. As such, the foursquare area stage will be utilized as the sole information source since all the expressed required data can be gotten through the API. After finding the list of neighborhoods, we at that point interface to the Foursquare API to accumulate data around settings interior each and each neighborhood. For each neighborhood, we have chosen the span to be 100 meter.

The data retrieved from Foursquare contained information of venues within a specified distance of the longitude and latitude of the postcodes. The information obtained per venue as follows:

1. Neighborhood
2. Neighborhood Latitude
3. Neighborhood Longitude
4. Venue
5. Name of the venue e.g. the name of a store or restaurant
6. Venue Latitude
7. Venue Longitude
8. Venue Category

Map of Scarborough

Scarborough’s Map

Methodology section

Clustering Approach:

To compare the similarities of two cities, we chosen to investigate neighborhoods, portion them, and gather them into clusters to discover comparative neighborhoods in a enormous city like Modern York and Toronto. To be able to do that, we have to be cluster information which may be a shape of unsupervised machine learning: k-means clustering calculation.

K-Means Clustering Approach

Work Flow

Utilizing credentials of Foursquare API highlights of near-by places of the neighborhoods would be mined. Due to HTTP ask restrictions the number of places per neighborhood parameter would sensibly be set to 100 and the sweep parameter would be set to 550.

Results Section

Map of Clusters in Scarborough
Average Housing Price by Clusters in Scarborough
School Ratings by Clusters in Scarborough

The Location

Scarborough could be a well known goal for unused foreigners in Canada to dwell. As a result, it is one of the foremost assorted and multicultural zones within the More prominent Toronto Zone, being domestic to different devout bunches and places of adore. In spite of the fact that movement has ended up a hot subject over the past few a long time with more governments looking for more confinements on workers and displaced people, the common drift of movement into Canada has been one of on the rise.

Foursquare API

In this project, Data is critically important, so as to fill the data needs, I have used Foursquare API for Data Gathering. It has a database of millions of places, particularly their places API which gives the capacity to perform area look, area sharing and points of interest almost a trade.

Discussion Section

The major reason of this venture, is to propose a stronger a and better neighborhood in a unused city for the individual who are shifting there. Social nearness in society in terms of like disapproved individuals. Network to the airplane terminal, transport stand, city center, markets and other day by day needs things adjacent.

  • House Price arranged in Ascending/Descending Order.
  • School names sorted according to fees, reviews, etc.

Conclusion Section

In this Capstone extend, utilizing k-means cluster calculation I isolated the neighborhood into 10 diverse clusters and for 103 distinctive scope and longitude from dataset, which have very-similar neighborhoods around them. Utilizing the charts over comes about displayed to a specific neighborhood based on normal house costs and school rating have been made. I feel compensated with the endeavors and accept this course with all the points secured is well commendable of appreciation.

This extend has appeared me a commonsense application to resolve a genuine circumstance that has affecting individual and monetary affect utilizing Data Science tools.

The mapping with Folium could be a exceptionally effective method to solidify data and make the investigation and choice superior with certainty.